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Operation 'Redeemer'
Battle of Kaven Island
Conflict: Treklan War
Date: 12/21-23/07
Place: Kaven Island Memorial Base
Outcome: Coalition Victory


Triple Alliance


IceBite, Thel 'Vadam

Kane, Sarah Harper


IceBite, May, Tory, Dawn, Fast Saber, John-117, Pre-fusion ODST grievous, several UNSC Marines and ODSTs, Razor-Dagger, Blade's Edge, 45 M1A1 Abrams Tanks, 1 Mammoth Tank, 50 GDI Rocket Troops, 150 GDI Rifleman Squads, (later on) 45 Covenant Separatist Seraphs, Thel 'Vadam, Rtas 'Vadum, 5 Covenant Separatist Type-52 Troop Carriers, 500 Sangheili Warriors, Shadow of Intent, 25 GA-TL1 Longsword Fighter-Bombers, 15 Shortsword Bombers

15 NOD Shadow Teams, Sarah Harper, Kane's Redeemer BattleMech, 3000 NOD Militants and NOD Rocket Militants, 750 Carryalls, 45 Vertigo Bombers, 3 AVATAR BattleMechs


Base recived massive structural damage. 34 Planes destroyed. 30 tanks destroyed. 10 buildings leveled (WIA): Tory Lund, May, Dawn, 6,000 Engineers, Soldiers, etc

2574 NOD Militants, 714 Carryalls, 45 Vertigo Bombers, Redeemer BattleMech, 5 Shadow Teams, (WIA): Sarah Harper (by May), Kane (by Tory)

Opening ShotsEdit

Three Nod Shadow teams deployed outside the base and plant bombs on the communications tower motorpool and hangers. The communications tower survived the first charges, and the base sent out a distress call before the base personel retreated to the remains of the old Japanese POW camp and set up defensive positions. The first real part of the battle occured when NOD's Carryalls began their approach. Tory's Su-35 and IceBite's F-14D launch to engage the dropships, but Tory's plane was damaged by Nod fighters. Fortunetly, IceBite used a Tow Cable to carefully return the damaged fighter to base. Then the fight went to the ground. Sarah Harper arrived with Kane and they joined the fight. During the battle, Tory was injured by Kane's Redeemer while Dawn was hit by the wash of an Avatar's laser. May was near a hanger when it was blown up, injuring her as well. IceBite was forced to recover them, with the aid of then-mercenary ODST Grievous, and make Hellcat Squadran's forces retreat. However, Nod followed them and prepared to crush the remaining survivors.

Nick of TimeEdit

By the 3rd day of the battle, Hellcat Squadran's forces were pushed back to a small cliff. Fortunetly, help came in the form of a force of Covenant Separatist Phantoms, Seraphs, and UNSC Longswords and Shortswords. Tory and May re-enter the fight, despite their injuries. Tory overloaded Kane's Redeemer with a large burst of electical energy, and May injured Sarah with her water powers. The defeat of the 2 leaders caused Nod to retreat. Hellcat Squadran's remaining Vehicles manage to shoot down a few retreating Carryalls as Nod retreated. The Battle ended in a Narrow victory for Hellcat Squadran.

Kaven Attack

The Last Stand before the Covenant Separatists Arrive

Covie Sepie Reinforcement

Thel 'Vadam and Rtas 'Vadum arrive to reinforce Hellcat Squadran