Covenant Separatists
Vital statistics
Type Religious/Political Faction
Leader Thel 'Vadam
Head of State
Head of Government
Commander-in-Chief Rtas 'Vadum
De-Facto Leader (if Applicable)
Affiliation Coalition
Capital Sanghelios
Language(s) *English (Most)
  • Sangheili
Composite Races Various
Date Formed
Conflicts Involved In Various
Status Operating

The Covenant Separatists are a splinter group of the former Covenant formed during the Great Schism, when the bulk of the Sangheili-led forces seceded from the Prophet-led hegemony. In November 2552, the Prophet of Truth had the Sangheili removed from their former position and replaced by the Jiralhanae as the Covenant's main military caste, resulting in an open war breaking out between the Jiralhanae-led forces loyal to the Prophets and the Sangheili. After the Sangheili learned the truth about the Halos near the end of the Battle of Installation 05, they allied with humanity on their mission to stop the Prophet-led Covenant.

As they no longer looked to the Prophets for leadership, the separatists initially lacked defined leadership, although Arbiter Thel 'Vadam and Shipmaster Rtas 'Vadum led their forces in the deciding battles of the war, with 'Vadam becoming the group's most prominent leader following the war's end. With the Covenant dissolved, the Sangheili returned to their homeworld and splintered into various factions, with the Arbiter and his policy of cooperating with humanity retaining a solid following.

When the Covenant Separatists came into this universe, they became one of the original Coalition Factions, with their importance in galactic conflicts waxing and waning regularly.

Coalition (v

Leaders: IceBite (De-Facto Leader)  • Lord Hood  • Director Davenport  • Corpos  • Supervisor-7-19  • 'Lykurgus'  • Thel 'Vadam  • Gutak 'Cyandenee  • President Velhart  • Martok  • Dregar  • Helryx • Commodon  • Mon Mothma • Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca  • Victor Hoffman  • Nalia Mae Sials  • Flelkar  • Ocato

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Allies: Lillian York

Former Members:

Deseased Members: Sarah Harper (Hellcat Squadran)