Don't you be it's target-for it will kill you in a split second. No, seriously. It will...

Weapons Config:


50 AIM-9Xs


SP Weapon:

2 Multi Ammunition Guns that fire over 50 types of direct energy weapons.


2 Modified Pratt and Whittney PW119 Hyperdrive Engines with Space-capability.

(The Raptor has space-flight capability)


New Heavily-Modified Cockpit/Hologrphic Hud

Better Pilot Interface and Massive Interchangable Weapons configuration.

New Engine

Point Defense Lasers

Better Supercomputer

What It Can Do

The jet was built in 2022 for one purpose only:

To destroy the impending alien invasion. Just when the world is coming to an end, pilot JC Rojales, aka Stealthdragon (PinoyRazgrizLegend2022) modified his starter plane (an F-22A Raptor).

He destroyed the Mothership, and succeeded in his mission. But, the air force had more ideas-he's always needed in their missions. Just the way he likes it.

The F-22AXR is highly guarded by the air force-so that NOBODY can steal the schematics.


The F-22AXR resembles an ordinary Raptor, but, its backend resembles that of a YF-23 Black Widow.

Basically, this jet united 2 fierce competitions.


With its new look, good paint job, powerful engines, powerful weapons-and a skilled pilot, the F-22AXR truly is an amazing aircraft.

Trivia/Stuff you never Knew

  • The F-22AXR is based on the F-22A Razgriz Addon for Ace Combat 6.
  • Its missiles are all heavily modified.