The Hanibal class Carrier is the main carrier ship avalible to the UNSC and any government or PMC group with autorization to field warships. The ship itself is based on Forerunner technology packed into a human designed warship. The ships are two kilometers long and have a crew of 600 plus the 80 pilots that man the fighters. The ship uses forerunner partical cannons on turrets flanking the side of the ship across it's aft section. The ship bares 20 standard issue 50mm turrets as point defenses and has single MAC, Forerunner partical hybrid cannon. in the middle of the ship. The 90 figthers are split into two groups of 45 on the port and starboard sides. The armor is the forerunned treated Titanium-X. The frame of the ship is a honey combed style lay out to increase durablility when performing high speed manuvers. The ship total price of this hightech marval is 6.4 billion credits making it a very cost effective alternative to upgrading aging Assualt Carriers. THe UNSC has order 28 vessels of which they have given nine names. Hellcat squadron has aquired three. It is faster then the assualt carrier and is more then a match for any Assualt carrier in fire power and manuverablilty.

Ships of the LineEdit

HSC-Defiant (active)

HSC-Rouge (active)

HSC- Reble (active)

UNSC-Hanibal (active)

UNSC-Delaware (active)

UNSC- Cleveland (active)

UNSC- New York (under construction)

UNSC- Anchorage (under construction)

UNSC- Berlin (under construction)

UNSC- Yorktown (under construction)

UNSC- Detroit (under construction)

UNSC- Miami (under construction)