High Charity
Flood Charity
Flood/Scrin Tiberium Generators
180px-Flood Charity
Flood/Tiberium Infected High Charity from the outside
Vital statistics
Type Base-ship
Location Deep Space
Inhabitants Tiberium-Infected Flood, Scrin

The Haven is the only known place in the HS Universe where Tiberium is able to take root. Therefore, it is a well-known Scrin Compound. For a majority of their time in the HS universe they have lived here secretly in peace while sending out probes to find a new home where they could live out their lives in continued peace. They enjoyed this peace for over a decade sharing the area with the Flood. However, events in the galaxy will eventually pull them into the war, in the form of a new crisis: the Infection Crisis. High Charity will become an important base for the Coalition, consisting, at that time, of the UNSC, GDI, Hellcat Squadran, Flood Separatists (led by Corpos), the Covenant Separatists, and the Scrin (led by Supervisor-7-19), in the fight against the Maledict, the Anti-Hellcat Armada, the Covenant Loyalists, the Brotherhood of NOD, and Coruptus.


  • Tiberium Infestion Field - Scrin Breeding Ground
  • Blue-Tiberium Generators - Tiberium-Generation Devices
  • Flood-Tiberium Fusion Reactor - Flood-Modification Chamber