"I was a bad ass marine now I'm just a merc trying to make a buck" - John to Icebite after a job offer just before the shadow war.

Past and personalityEdit

John Powers formerly Staff Sergeant John Power of the USMC.  He is the childhood best friend of Derek Sanders the two joined the USMC and served in the later days of the post warp conflict. Their military careers was short lived and both went on to separate fields of the PMC industry. He is now retired and a mercenary that transports weapons and numerous materials with his Pegasus class hydrofoil named the Rule Breaker. He tends to cower out of fights as a PMC but is more then willing to send people on the right path or provide them with needed information. Despite this he is dead loyal to his old friend refusing Kane's offer to capture him, but accidentally placed him into the hands of Ahmad Puri while trying to help him. At one time he was offered a job by IceBite he refused to work for a child and left stating Sanders should be the acting commander. After Sanders was put on trial his disdain for IceBite grew as "friends don't put each other on trial for bogus charges". His business on the high seas is constantly hindered by BlackWater internationals sea borne efforts concerning the sea based market. He resides at the thirteenth peer of the South Side docks in Spain. He fleed the Egyptian arms market upon seeing Tory Lund, but managed to buy some Organic Compound VBY-2836 before leaving.

==Present activity== 

He and Adriana have become romantically involved after the Treklan war. John Powers eventually came to be grateful to IceBite, after IceBite saved his *** several times during. He also willingly helps Hellcat squadron on a regular basis, more specifically Adriana and Derek. His relationship with Hellcat squadron is the closest thing he has to a steady job ,and it gets him closer to Adriana.