The Maledict/Malcolm Betruger are from the Doom series, more specifically Dooms 3 and ROE.

"Hell reaches out for what is ours. We have been unbound...They have arrived, my children.... as I promised. Rise up! Hunt them down." - Betruger

Malcolm Betruger
Hellcat Squadran's Greatest Enemy
Vital statistics
Title the Maledict
Callsign {{{call}}}
Gender formerly: male

currently: unknown, probably still male

Race formerly: human

currently: demon, unknown sub-species

Physical Age Betruger:Unknown

Maledict: Unknown

Alignment Chaotic Evil
Faction Hell's Spawn
Tools un-needed
Abilities Demonic Abilities
Vehicles un-needed
Status unknown, in a way alive, in another not alive

The Maledict is one of the leaders of one of Hellcat Squadran's enemies, along with Coruptus, the Flood Gravemind; and Tartorus, Kane, and Gustovine 'Shalgoee of the Triple Alliance, consisting of Gustovine 'Shalgoee of the Anti-Hellcat Armada, Kane of the Brotherhood of Nod, and, Hellcat Squadran's main enemy, Tartorus (later called Shadow Tartorus) of the Covenant Loyalists.


Because of a botched operation, Maledict is the arch-foe of Hellcat Squadran's Research and Design Expert, Tory Lund. Although an ally to the Triple Alliance it is an allegiance of conveniense. He plans to eventually betray the Alliance when they no longer serve a purpose. During the Resurrectal War, with IceBite's increase in power to 'Solar Phoenix' Levels, these plans were cancelled and he honestly joined the Shadow Alliance.



The Maledict standing over its prey.


Initially, there were no known weaknesses of the Maledict. The first came after Draconus Rex joined hellcat Squadran, as his Paladin Powers, utilizing Holy Energies, adversely effected the Maledict, one of the most unholy of creatures. Also, it was discovered that Natalia's Temporal abilities can cause sever damage to the Maledict. Tory also developed unknown powers that link with his normal abilities to give him an edge against any Demon.


  • 'Maledict' means 'Evil Ruler' in Latin.