Mammoth 27
Roll Over em! — Mammoth 27
Vehicle statistics
Owner GDI, Hellcat Squadran
Vehicle Classification
Vehicle Type Heavy Armor Tank
Faction Coalition (GDI and Hellcat Squadran more specifically)
Special Modifications Rail guns
Status many operational

The mighty Mammoth Tank is the strongest piece of armor available to GDI and in a limited number of 321 tanks to Hellcat squadron. The tank's massive dual 150mm rail guns are nearly impossible for any vehicle or structure to survive if hit directly. The down fall to the tank itself lays in cost and wieght. Due to its weight it can be airlifted and its cost means that they can only be used in small numbers. The pro to its weight and cost means that only one tank can turn the tide of battle such as the Battle of Kaven base when a single Mammoth tank rolled over the defensive lines set up by Nod and the triple alliance. By the time the Mammoth Tank relieved the worn down base defenders the battle had end.

250px-Mammoth Tank (Railgun)

Rail-Gun Mammoth Tank

Mammoth Tank Blueprints

Schematics for the Mammoth-27 Tank.