Neil Kenway
Neil in 2321
Vital statistics
Title Army's Bane
Callsign None
Gender Male
Race Human
Physical Age 25
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Faction Shade Sith
Tools Lightsabers, throwing sabers, wrist knives, twin double ended sabers
Abilities Force Powers, Force Rage
Vehicles None
Status Alive


Early YearsEdit

Neil was born on Coruscant to a Earthborn parents. His force powers were discovered at the age of three, and he was sent to the Jedi Temple. He went through nine masters in his tuition at the temple, and ran away at age fifteen. He went to Ilum and trained himself there for nine months, crafting two lightsabers and two double ended lightsabers. He was eventually found by Darth Nymeria, who was taking Kensa Gev to create a lightsaber there, and they took Neil back to their base.


Neil trained alone, becoming the strongest fighter in their base. He easily mastered all forms of combat, and Nymeria once reflected that he may be the only swordsman to match Clara Renner. Nymeria soon discovered that Neil had a strange love of violence. To match this, she created a highly realistic combat simulator that emphasized gore, which allowed him to get his fix of blood. He is often sent on patrols on his own or sometimes was used to take out an enemy intruder. Once these duties began, Nymeria began to train him as a Sith Assassin.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Neil has a love of fighting and violence, and will become very agitated if he doesn't get his fix of it for a while. When he isn't training, patrolling, or out on missions, Neil will sometimes speak with other Shade Sith about their history, though not of friendly intent. It is in case of a future need to exploit weaknesses. He is also known to be an expert at discerning someone's secrets almost strictly through looking at them and those they are with.

In combat, Neil is a nightmare to face. He is a master of all known combat forms, and fights with unique combinations of his weapons. Either a single lightsaber, two lightsabers, a single double ended saber, or both. Sometimes he will use a single bladed as well as a double. He shows absolutely no mercy in battle, each strike is meant to kill or maim. He is also a master of unarmed combat, and will use it alongside saber fighting. He is known to have fought his way through a thousand Mandalorian Soldiers and win. He loves the sight of blood in battle, and will do whatever possible to make more show itself.

Neil only answers to Darth Nymeria, no other person or entity can control his lust for blood.