Sarah Sanders
Vital statistics
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Gender Female
Race french/japanese Human Clone
Physical Age N/A (clone)
Alignment Lawful Good
Faction Hellcat Squadran
Tools Covert Ops Auto Pistol (Gift from May)
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Status Alive mother of Daniel and Natsha Sanders


Treklan WarEdit

Sarah Sander's in the third clone of Sarah Harper. She was left by Sarah for May and Derek to find and rescue. She like her maker keeps her bangs dyed red. Her true identity was instantly questioned by IceBite at the first meeting but he dismissed it at the time due to her using his first name. May and Derek never questioned who she was, although May knew full well she wasn't the original. Sarah and Derek started a family as of August she was expecting fraternal twins, however Derek remain in service with Hellcat squadron instead of leaving it as he originally planned. She made no protest as she was never really learned how to protest Derek just other women.

Shadow WarEdit

Victimized by TartorusEdit

When Tartorus came to Kaven Base seeking vengence against IceBite, he, in his rage, attacked Sarah. The Jiralhanae dropped a wall on Sarah, mortally wounding her, before its attention was diverted. IceBite healed her supposidly fatal wounds after Tartorus was repelled, and she stayed in the med labs for some time.

The Truth is RevealedEdit

After finding an old NOD Base, and some recordings done by the real Sarah Harper, Derek will figure out she is one of the clones, but after listening to the recordings, Derek then understands that the real Sarah wanted it this way after everything that had happened to him she couldn't live with herself and the brain damage the control device soon ensured the fate derek shares with his family.

Consortium WarEdit

Sarah was devastated when Derek was killed, but, with the help of her friends in Hellcat Squadran, she managed to pull through and get on with life.


She was originally given a fail-safe by the original that killed her, if she was called 'Unit 3', but May, who knew that the other clone probably could do this too, used her powers to covertly modify Sarah Sander's genetic stucture to the point where that fail-safe is no longer active, making the clone an exact, unchanged, copy of the original Sarah Harper.