Type-52 Troop Carrier
Phantom carrying a Spectre
Vehicle statistics
Owner Covenant Loyalists, Covenant Separatists, Hellcat Squadran
Vehicle Classification
Vehicle Type Dropship/Transport/Gunship
Faction Triple Alliance (the Covenant Loyalists mostly), Coalition (Covenant Separatists and Hellcat Squadran more specifically)
Special Modifications Modifications vary with user:
  • Covenant Loyalists - Side Hatches with Plasma Turrets
  • Covenant Separatists - Plasma Cannons on sides
  • Hellcat Squadran - Slotted walls with machine gun turrets
Status several hundred operational per user

Phantom VariantsEdit

Covenant LoyalistEdit

The Loyalist variant of the Phantom is known for its side release hatches and it's Covenant Purple coloring.

Covenant SeparatistEdit

The Separatist variant is known for its original (Halo 2) weapon format and its Gun-metal Green coloring.

Hellcat SquadranEdit

The Hellcat Squadran variant can be noted for its bunker-style machine guns on its sides and its Cyan-Blue coloring. This craft is rarely used by the human members of HS as it is not meant for human occupants. However, IceBite uses it a lot for a reason.